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Overall strategic direction of the company
Focus on the main business, innovation-driven, intensive cultivation, product enrichment, growth and development, and go global. Comply with the development trend of the country and industry, focus on new energy materials, improve innovation ability, accelerate the development of new products, new technologies and new processes, produce high-quality products, promote the transformation and upgrading of new materials production and the extension and expansion of product industry chain, become bigger, stronger and deeper, actively integrate into the national "the belt and road initiative" development strategy, and strive to promote the balanced development of domestic and foreign markets, go global, and build a national brand of new materials industry.

strategic goals
Long-term strategic goal: to build Dingsheng New Materials into a multinational enterprise with high quality of economic growth, high efficiency, strong vitality, high quality management, obvious brand influence, sustainable growth, strong independent innovation ability, sustainable development ability and international competitiveness.

Enterprise mission
Dedicating high-quality aluminum materials, promoting sustainable development and achieving quality life

Enterprise vision
Build Dingsheng New Materials into the world leader in lean aluminum manufacturing base

Business philosophy
Quality First, Customer First

Full cooperation, strength and victory


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