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1. Five insurances and one fund: enjoy the five insurances and one fund paid by the enterprise when entering the job
2. Meal allowance: 200 yuan / month meal allowance for full attendance from the second month
3. High quality dormitory, apartment dormitory (up to 4 persons / room), karaoke, table tennis, billiards, basketball court, fitness equipment, library
4. The length of service allowance will be increased year by year, with an increase of 50 yuan / month after one year's service, with a maximum of 500 yuan / month
5. High temperature subsidy: enjoy the high temperature subsidy issued by the company in high temperature month every year
6. Holiday allowance: in addition to cash allowance for holidays, gifts are given on some holidays
7. Recommendation reward: 500 yuan / person for successfully recommending a new employee
8.College Students' welfare: 1. Free local park card; 2. College students' tourism activities; 3. Rent subsidy: 500-1000 yuan / month; 4. Living allowance: 600-1000 yuan / month; 5. Social security subsidy
9. The welfare during the spring festival includes: 1. Full attendance award 200 / person; 2. Production subsidy during the Spring Festival; 3. Reimbursement of travel expenses for visiting relatives during the Spring Festival; 4. Red envelope for opening the door in the Spring Festival; 5. Subsidies for canteens during the Spring Festival; 6. Department group building activities during the Spring Festival
10. Career development: after 3-6 months of employment, the professional skills of each post have been significantly improved, and the salary has been increased by 500-1000. After one year of employment, the skilled business has become the backbone of the company, and the salary has been increased by 1000-3000


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